This new and refreshing band from Roosendaal and the surrounding area, founded in 2023 shares the passion of 5 young people for Alternative pop/rock. They play the music of the past and present with full energy. Adapted youth brings you atmosphere, fun and a guarantee of a fun evening!

One of the highlights of their young career was the vibrant live performance debut in Glazen ei, Oud-vossemeer, with previous singer and frontwoman Joy van Leeuwen. Adapted Youth left an unforgettable impression and thrilled the audience. In addition, they showed their performing skills at the Women in Rock Festival in Tholen, which emphasized their versatility and ability to appeal to various audience groups. With a unique blend of musical talent and a determination to address social issues, Adapted Youth appears poised to conquer the music world and leave a lasting impact.

Adapted Youth continues their Journey with new frontwoman Nienke Consemulder.

Sjef Baarendse - Drums & audio engineering
Nienke Consemulder - Vocals
Giorgio Kroonen - Keys & backing vocals
Headshot Imke
Imke Mangelaars - Leadguitar & backing vocals
Headshot Roos
Roos Slieker - Bass & backingvocals