Imke Mangelaars – Guitar

Giorgio Kroonen – Piano

Roos Slieker – Bass

Sjef Baarendse – Drums

Adapted Youth is a rock band based in Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. The band consists of five very different people with all different tastes.

Imke Mangelaars (Guitar)

Imke is the guitarist of the band. She has the coolest tunes and the sweetest soul on earth. She can do everything with her love for guitar. You can hear her play those strings with passion and love.

Giorgio Kroonen (Piano)

Giorgio is the pianist of the band. He started his musiccareer solo with his own musicstyle that he developed over the years. Now he is also using this style for Adapted Youth. Giorgio Studies at a musicschool.

Roos Slieker (Bass)

Roos is the Bassist of the band. Despite her height she can play the bass as a badass. With her love for art she creates the most beautiful paintings, drawings, tattoos and basslines. Roos studies at an Art Academy

Sjef Baarendse (Drums)

Sjef is the drummer of the band. With his experience as a musician and sound engineer he can create the most beautiful fils and percussion for every song.